Automated Specification and Verification of Web Systems

11th International Workshop

June 23rd, Oslo, Norway

affiliated with FM 2015

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Tuesday,  June 23


  Joint keynote session with FMICS 2015 in room Logo (2nd floor)
  chair: Alberto Lluch Lafuente


  Invited Talk (shared with FMICS)
  José Meseguer (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA) Formal Patterns for Web and Cloud Computing (abstract)


  Coffee Break


  WWV session 1: Languages for Safety and Security in room Java (2nd floor)
  chair: Maurice ter Beek


  Nosheen Gul: A Calculus of Mobility and Communication for Ubiquitous Computing


  Adrian Francalanza, Marco Giunti, and António Ravara: Unlocking Blocked Communicating Processes


  Andrea Margheri, Rosario Pugliese, and Francesco Tiezzi: On Properties of Policy-Based Specifications


  Lunch Break


  Joint keynote session with FMICS 2015 in room Logo (2nd floor)
  chair: Maurice ter Beek


  Invited Talk (shared with FMICS):
  Dino Distefano (Queen Mary University, London, UK & Facebook Inc., USA): Moving fast with software verification (abstract)


  Time for Discussions etc.


  Coffee Break


  WWV session 2: Web Analysis in room Java (2nd floor)
  chair: Alberto Lluch Lafuente


  Van Tien Hoang, Rocco De Nicola, Francesco Tiezzi, Angelo Spognardi, and Marinella Petrocchi:
  Domain-specific queries and Web search personalization: some investigations


  Hai-Feng Guo, Qing Ouyang, and Harvey Siy: Semantics-based Automated Web Testing


  Davide Bacciu, Stefania Gnesi, and Laura Semini: Using a Machine Learning Approach to Implement and Evaluate Product Line Features

WWV 2015 pre-proceedings.
The WWV 2015 post-proceedings will be published as a volume of the EPTCS series.